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It may be the digital age. But not everything gets delivered online.

From birthday cards to business contracts, every day millions of important letters and packages are posted internationally. But who checks that they arrive when and where they're supposed to?

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Actually we do. At least with the help of people like you, we do. On behalf of the International Post Corporation, Kantar TNS plays a key role in running UNEX - an ongoing survey that measures the quality of postal services worldwide - and we're looking for volunteers to help us carry out this valuable work.

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Can you take part?

If you can send and receive a few items of post each week, and record brief notes about them on our website, then yes, you can. And we'll say 'Thank you' with rewards four times a year, sent direct to your address or bank account.

And as a Kantar TNS Postal Panel member, you'll also be able to enter our valuable prize draws - and any stamp enthusiasts you know may be keen to collect the international stamps you receive!

Join our Postal Panel - the global community of over 3,000 people already representing their locality in the UNEX global survey!

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Things you'll want to know about being a Kantar TNS Postal Panel member:

How much time will it take me?

This can vary - basically enough time for you to receive and post an average of two or three items a week, and then a few minutes to log into our website and update us with what you have received/sent and when.

How long will I be a member for?

Most people join us for six months to a year - sometimes much longer. The choice is yours, and while you're an active member, you'll keep earning rewards. We have to rotate activity between panel members to preserve the anonymity of the survey, so there may be occasions when you'll be asked to 'rest' for a while.

What rewards will I get?

Rewards and prize draws will vary by country, and we'll send you details when you get started. You'll pick up some nice perks, and of course the opportunity to win more valuable prizes in our regular draws.

Ready to give it a go?

Fantastic - simply click on the link below and let us know a few details about yourself. Once you've registered to take part, we'll keep a note of who and where you are, and when we need someone in your area we will contact you directly. This could be anything from a few days to a few months, but we won't forget you!

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