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Kantar Service Measurement helps businesses to improve their services by engaging with people like you all over the UK. You can join our community of panellists today.

In return for your help, we will reward you with incentive points every month and you will also get the chance to be entered into one of our regular prize draws. Interested? You can join by simply clicking the “Join today” button and filling in a few details.

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Why join us now?

The Kantar Service Measurement panels are a way for people like you to earn rewards for helping to improve the services that businesses provide to their customers and the public. The Life of Mail survey is an ongoing survey that seeks to understand what households in the UK do with all the various types of mail they receive. It's an online study that‘s easy to carry out from the comfort of your own home - and it‘s fun and simple to complete too!

What can you earn?

As a Life of Mail panellist you will receive incentive points worth £10 every month that you are active on the panel and you will be entered into our monthly and quarterly prize draws, where you can win £10, £50 and £250!

What Makes Us Different?

Our surveys are continuous long-term measurements. This means that we build long term relationships with our panellists, who record information via our websites on a weekly or daily basis. Many of our panellists have been helping us for months or even years, earning rewards the entire time.